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Hangzhou Mida Chemical Co.,Ltd is located in beautiful hangzhou china and is a newly setup enterprise which is engaged in organic pigments over 8 years, We are profession in classic pigments and some high performance pigments, like Yellow,Orange,Red and Violet, the product series range up from AZO to Quindo ,Dioxazine pigments and so on. Productivity : 5000MT/year

MIDA CHEM only focus on producing organic pigments, besides,we also do some trade of solvent dyes and fluorescent pigments related to the customer demand request.

Azo pigments including:PY12,PY13,PY14,PY17,PY55,PY62,PY65,PY74,PY83,PY81,PY183, PR166,PR266,PY191; 2-Naphthol pigments: including:PR3,PO5; 2-Naphthollake pigments including PR49:1,PR53:1; Naphthol AS pigments including:PR2, PR8, PR21, PR22, PR23, PR31, PR112, PR146, PR170, PR268; 2-3 ACID pigments including: PR48:1, PR48:2, PR48:3, PR48:4, PR52:2, PR57:1; PR63:1; Lake Pigments including:PR169,PR81,PV1,PV27,PV3, Pyrazolinone pigments including:PO13, PO34, PY183, PY191; Benzimidazolone pigments indlucing PO36, PO64, PR176, PR185, PR208, PY151, PY154, PY180,PR214 ; Isoindol Pigments including: PY110; Perylene Pigments including:PR 179,PR224,PR123,PR190,PV29 ; DPP pigments including:PR254,PR255; Dioxazine pigments including:PV23 ; Quinphthalide Pigments including :PY138; Quinacridone:PR122,PV19,PR202, PR207; Blue,Green pigments and other pigments:Pigment Blue 15:3,Blue 15:4,Blue 60,Green7,Brown 25,Black.

Mida Chemical pigments, the most application are printing ink, plastic and coating.

Printing ink divides into offset ink, water based ink and solvent based ink, we usually choose the right grade accord to the resin,printing method and so on. For the producing technology: offset ink focus on more about dispersion and the fineness of the powder; water based focus on more about the viscosity and solvent based ink focus on more about transparent.

Coating divides into water based,oil based, industrial coating,auto-motive and so on.  We have the recommend pigment type for the fixed application. The high performance pigment usually have the full usage.

The pigments for the plastic are more practical, the cost-effective pigments can be almost used the resin like LDHP,HDPE,PVC, and many high performance pigments are also used the resin like PP,ABS,EVA ,RUBBER and so on. For the technical of producing , it is focus on the dispersion, heat resistance stability and no migration.

Mida Chemical also have the fully equipment for the pigment test of the variety application.Like shaker machine, injection machine, BROOKFIELD viscometer ,plane grinding device,oscillator device and Delta E device. The basic test is drawdown paper test for the judging the strength and shade, then do the application test. It can speed up the delivery time.

We are a mature export company, the majority markets are the Southeast Asia,The Middle East,South America and European.

Our Mission is: Credit first,Stable Quality first.Reputation first.Pigments make the world colorful, MIDA CHEM has contributed to offer the excellent pigments .

Strong Types:

Plastic:PY12,PY13,PY14,PY55,PY62,PY81,PY83HR02,PY138,PY139,PY150,PY168,PY155,PY180,PY183,PO13,PO34,PO64,PR48:1/48:2/48:3,PR 57:1,PR53:1,PR254,PR122,PV19,PV23

Printing ink:PY12,PY13,PY14,PY74,PY174,PY83,PO13,PO34,PR48:2,PR48:1,PR2,PR112,PR122,PR49:1





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