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Hangzhou Mida Chemical Co.,Ltd is located in beautiful Hangzhou, is newly setup enterprise which is engaged in organic pigments and intermediates.

We are one of the professional producers and exporters pigments  in China. PIGMENTS mainly used in:

Printing Inks(offset ink,water based ink and solvent based ink) which focus on the dispersion,lower viscostiy and good glossy.

Paints & Coatings(oil & adequate) which focus on the transparent or opaque and light fastness.

Plastics(including HDPE,PP,PVC,PE/PP,EVA,RUBBER)which focus on the migration resistance,dispersion and heat stability resistance.

Textile printing Focus on the low viscosity and color shade 

INTERMEDIATES include: p-terphenyl, m-terphenyl ,o-terphenyl and Biphenyl ,DPO,these material are widely used in the scintillator , pharm and thermal oil.

we have the advanced equipment for quality control,like shaker machine, injection machine, BROOKFIELD viscometer,plane grinding device,oscillator device and Delta E device.

we usually do the viscosity(for flow),bleeding test in the paint,and heat resistance and migraton resistance test in the plastic,and the common test is:drawdown paper test of every batch accord to the different formula from different application.

We are a mature export company, the majority markets are Southeast  Asia,The Middle East,South America and European.

Our Mission is: Credit first,Stable Quality first.Reputation first.

Pigments make the world colorful, MIDA CHEM has contributed to offer the excellent pigments .

Strong Types:

Plastic: PY12,PY13,PY14,PY62,PY81,PY83HR02,PY168,PY155,PY180,PY183,PO34,PO64

PR48:1/48:2/48:3,PR 57:1 PR53:1 ,PR254,PR122,PV19,PV23

Printing ink:PY12,PY13,PY14,PY74,PY174,PY83,PO13,PR48:2,PR2,PR112,PR122,PR49:1





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