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Lab Team Solution

MIDA Pigment can match your color chip/drawdown via spectrophotometry, or matched accord to your standard sample  If the customer have their fixed shade with stable quantities.we can accept custom-made, and matched the same shade & strength  sample.

Local Laboratory Testing

Our laboratory facility teams support customers’ production and development activities, including  weatherability testing, bleeding test, drawdown paper test,heat stability test and viscosity test.

Custom Formulations

We work closely with our customers to co-innovate and develop customized high-performing and economical coloring solutions based on application requirements and operational processing needs, including custom formulations for paints, coatings, inks, leather and plastics.

Custom Manufacturing

provides custom manufacturing services to add value to specific projects, particularly in cases which our production facilities and know-how allow our customers to reach cost-efficiency targets or attain higher performing final products.


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