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 Matting Manifested What Pigments Can Be Painted On Plastics?

1. Propylene has a strong adhesion; but it dries fast and requires a better grasp of its shape. If you want to finish what you want to draw at one time, it is recommended to draft.  Matting Manifested Then, first test the consistency of propylene on some cardboard, and the consistency of propylene of different brands will be little different. First test the consistency of propylene suitable for the pattern you draw.

2. Mark pens, hand-painted clothes and shoes are also commonly used, and meticulous depiction is excellent, but in the plastic media may not be as good as acrylic coloring. 3. Water powder, slightly worse adhesion, will wash away when it encounters water, and cracks will appear over a long period of time; however, it has high controllability and rich color. If you plan to change the pattern in the future, you can consider this.

Extended information:

Plastic art colour:

Take out the material, use the toner to wet a small piece of cotton cloth (hand folded into a ball, no cut, one-time) and then apply a color powder to the newspaper (preferably several layers) to grind, and then continue to grind one by one with other color powder. Each quantity is appropriate. When you see the color pair, you wipe it up and down with cotton cloth, while rubbing it with a hairdryer. When you color it, you must have light hands, not be too hasty, and be patient with the color.

Don't rush to the spot, dip the cloth in the sergeant's strength water, adjust the color, gently apply the cotton cloth, and follow the hair dryer when coloring. For beginners, it is necessary to use, add electric hair dryer, and color the edge of the wind. Of course, the hair dryer is only used for novices to know and master the law of material coloring, and for generations to know and master the law of material coloring, it will not be used until the color coordination.


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