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The Difference Between Water Based And Oil Based Paint

Water-based paint and oil paint is used in decoration, paint furniture, especially now that the types of paint coating is more and more, a lot of friends don't understand also don't know what is the difference between them, but for decoration, everybody wants to choose the harmless to the body paint, of course it is best to prices are appropriate. Paint is to have a very long use history, even if be in now, paint also developed more type and characteristic slowly, so what is waterborne paint? This topic we make up to introduce the difference between waterborne paint and oil paint, let's have a look.

What is waterborne paint?

As long as it is water to do solvent or do disperse medium coating, can be called water paint.

What is oil paint?

Oil paint is called grease paint again, it is a kind of coating with dry oil as the main film-forming substance.

The difference between water-based paint and oil-based paint

Environmental protection:

Waterborne paint is done with water solvent, what harm can water have?And although the oil paint still has the strict standard control of the country as the development now, but in the process of construction,the consist of oil paint still can join all sorts of chemical solvent, auxiliary agent , will achieve all sorts of use effect,  it lead to release a lot of harmful substance;

Normally when we brush the waterborne paint, it won't create pungent odour, it is environmental friendly paint, and oil paint everybody may have seen, after brush,  at least need 2 months for ventilation , to kill pungent odour;


Water-based paint in water solvent, safety non-flammable, and non-flammable coating will reduce the safety of the production and transportation construction, and water-based paint non-flammable, but also no special storage requirements, and the oil paint contain solvent gasoline and consist of various oil solvents, these are very flammable, store may need to be done in accordance with the requirements for the fire;


Water - based paint will not volatilize into the air, so will not have the defect of colour fade easily, can be said to be lasting as new. However the harmful material in oil lacquer can volatilize constantly, can change color gradually for a long time, it couldn`t keep stock in a long time.


Now the performance of waterborne paint has to be hardness, or resistance to the carving , degree are not inferior to the oil paint, and even some of the performance that the oil paint can not achieve . Although oil paint film quality is good, it is harder more brittle, and not easy to repair after damage, and waterborne paint seems better than oil paint.


What waterborne paint useful is water to be the solvent, water volatilization is fast, can achieve the circumstance that builds quickly, and itself has good environmental protection performance again, can achieve the effect quickly.

However oil paint construction dry slow, still have pungent smell, even if the paint is good, but also for a long time ventilation;


August.26th 2022


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