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How Much Do You Know About Textile Pigments

Textile pigments are specially used for screen printing of fiber fabrics. Generally speaking, it needs to be baked at 150 ℃ for about 5 minutes, and can be washed after 24 hours. There are some shortcomings in using it in hand-painted clothing: to use a special mixing agent to mix pigments, use an iron to heat and bake at high temperature. Before using the iron, put a piece of white cotton cloth on the dyed textile pigment to avoid discoloring the fabric. The adhesion of textile pigment is relatively small, and it is easy to fade if not handled properly. It takes time and effort to draw by hand.

Application of Chinese famous textile pigment in silk screen printing of fiber fabric after 24 hours washing time


1 Preparation

2 Structure

Preparation editor

There are three kinds of hand-painted pigments: acrylic pigment, textile pigment and special hand-painted pigment. Acrylic pigments and textile pigments have been introduced. They are very common in the market and easy to buy. However, they have some inherent disadvantages in the field of hand-painted clothing. The popular special hand-painted pigment overcomes the shortcomings of propylene and textile pigments, and more and more hand painters begin to use this new type of pigment.

Structural editing

Textile pigments and acrylic pigments have professional seasoning, which is the liquid used to mix pigments. The characteristics of the seasoning can maintain the characteristics of the pigment and strengthen the firmness of the pigment on the clothes

Textile pigment

The degree to which the paint dries. Textile pigment must use seasoning. Its pigment adhesion is not as good as acrylic pigment. In order to keep the pigment on clothes for a longer time, textile seasoning must be used. There is not much difference between acrylic pigment and condiment. It is feasible to use a small amount of water instead of condiment. Of course, if the insurance point wants to make acrylic pigment lighter, the condiment can also be used to delay the drying time


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