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  • Solvent Yellow 82
Solvent Yellow 82

Solvent Yellow 82

  • Solvent Yellow 82
  • Product description: Solvent Yellow 82 is used in wood stains, wood coatings, printing inks, aluminum foil coloring, hot stamping foil coloring, paints, coatings, leather finishes, baking finishes, stationery ink and plas

Solvent Yellow 82

Reddish-Yellow Powder;

Named Duasyn Yellow AR-VP 303; Neozapon Yellow 157; Neozapon Yellow R; Orient Yellow 4120; Solvent Yellow 82; Vali Fast Yellow 4120; Zapon Yellow 157

CAS NO.12227-67-7

Chemical Formula : C17H13N4NaO3

Shade: Similar to the standard

Density(g/cm) : 1.29

Melting Point: Apprex.260°C

Heat Resistance :150°C 30min –A; 180°C 10min—A;  200°C 1min—A

Light Fastness :      5-6

Acid Resistance:      4-5

Alkali Resistance:     4-5

Water Resistance:    4-5

Residue On 80 Mesh  : 5.0% max

Water Soluble: 1.0% max

Volatite 105 °C:  1.0% max

Tint Strength:  100-105 %


With excellent solubility and miscibility in wide range of organic solvents, also has good compatibility with various sort of synthetic and natural resins.


1. Wood stains; 2. Printing Ink; 3. Aluminum foil coloring; 4. Hot stamping foil coloring; 5. Leather finishes; 6. Baking finish;7.Sationery Ink; 8 Plastic Coating