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  • Pigment Red 166
Pigment Red 166

Pigment Red 166

  • C.I.PR 166
  • SMT-O Scralet R
  • Product description: Color Index: Pigment Red 166
    C.I.No. 20730
    CAS No. 3905-19-9
    EC No. 223-460-6
    Chemical Group:AZO
    Chemical Formula: C40H24CL4N6O4

Pigment Red 166, it is yellowish red powder. It has bright color, good dyeing force. And mainly used for coloring plastics and printing inks. It is resistant to migration in soft PVC, has medium color strength, hiding power, good light and weather fastness; it is heat resistant in HDPE At 300°C, the transparent type has a light resistance of 8. It is also used for polyacrylonitrile, polystyrene and rubber coloring; it is also recommended for high-end industrial automotive coatings, packaging inks and metal decorative inks.


Color Index No. Pigment Red 166        Light Fastness(coating) 7          Heat Resistance(coating) 180

Light Fastness(plastic)   7-8                 Heat Resistance(plastic) 280

Product Details

Package and Delivery

10KG/25KG Kraft bag,400KG/500KG Carton Box.

Lead Time: Normally around 15 days after signed contract.

Free Sample

50g-200g sample we will offered  with free by FEDEX.

Sample matching

We prefer to receive your required STD sample and match ,then send back the matched sample for your reference.


Shipping: By Air, By Sea, By Multimodal Transportation.Port of loading:Shanghai Port,Ningbo Port,Qingdao Port and other Chinese Port.


T/T,L/C,CAD,DP.Specific payment can be negotiated accordingly.

Sales network

Our products have been exported to  North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa etc. Weve established good and stable relationships with all our customers.