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The Strong Type SMT-W Lithol Rubine BK Or Called Carmine 6B (CI NO.Pigment Red 57:1)

we are professional in AZO Pigments and some high performance pigments,  Our strong  type Pigment Red 57:1 is usually the Lake pigmentis and soluble Azo pigment basis.

The color is called magenta with brilliant bluish red or yellowish red. We have some grades, like SMT-O Lithol Rubine BK, it is devided into 4BN and 4BH,both are bluish,

are widely used in the offset ink, it has good colorant and dispersion. while used in the solvent based ink(gradvure ink), we have 4BL and 4BGL, it is devided into yellowish and bluish,

with its very good glossy and high transparent, if you have  the higher request of transparent, we also can meet it with the little expensive than the common grade,these types market share 

around 50%, export large. By our unique technology of particle control, we also have the plastic grade,like SMT-P lithol Rubine BK (4BP), and the film extrusion grade. 

And if used in the water based ink, we also have the SMT-C Lithol Rubine BK, also have yellowish and bluish, the price is same, we add the special additives in order to make it is with very lower viscosity and good fludity . it can be kept in stock a long time although in the winter. 

 This Type is very mature, we export  large amount every month by gradualy, welcome to your enquiry, price can be very bottom. 


Contact: Anita

Phone: 86-13606626623

Tel: 86-571-63167817


Add: NO.1 Building, No.226 Dalinshan Rd, Dongzhou Industrial Zone,Fuyang District,Hangzhou City,China