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  • Solvent Yellow 98
Solvent Yellow 98

Solvent Yellow 98

  • Solvent Yellow 98
  • Product description: Solvent yellow 98 is is greenish yellow oil solvent dye. It has high heat resistant, good light fastness and strong fluorescent light.It is allowed to be used in polyester fiber and PA6 fiber, limite

Solvent Yellow 98

Named Fluorescent yellow 3G,Yellow 3G,Yellow FR

Soluble in sulfuric acid, acetone, pyridine, insoluble ethanol, insoluble in water

CAS NO. 12671-74-8, 27870-92-4

Chemical Formula : C26H45NO2

Appearance: Orange-Yellow Powder

Shade: Similar to the standard

Density(g/cm) : 1.45

Melting Point: 267°C

Heat Resistance : 300°C

Light Fastness :    3-4

Migration Resistance: 4-5

It has the characteristics of high light fastness and heat resistance temperature; Fluorescent bright colors and high color strength; it is widely used in the plastic, like PS,ABS,PMMA,PET,UPVC,PC,SAN, with excellent fastness, temperature resistance and migration resistance.