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  • Plastic (color masterbatch)
Plastic (color masterbatch)

Pigments for plastic application,The basic test of those types need approved by heat stability resistance,  migration resistance, good dispersion.  Our classic pigments are widely used in PP, PE, PVC, PU, PS,HDPE,LDPE(for film blowing grade,some injection andextrusion molding) and some high performance pigments can also use in ABS,EVA and RUBBER besides the basic application.

Determination of Pigment Colouring Power in Plastics (DIN 53775-8)

(1) Testing equipment 2-roll plasticizer roll: 25 rpm, speed ratio 1:1.2 roll surface chromium plating plate press can heat and cool two stainless steel mirror panels, inner frame: square frame, 0.5 mm thick sheet.

(2) Testing formula: composed of polyvinyl chloride resin, plasticizer, stabilizer and titanium dioxide pigment

(3) Control the surface temperature of the roller to 160+5 C degree and the thickness of the PVC sheet to 0.4 mm.

Molding time: 7-8 MIN tablet pressing time at 165-170 temperature: 1 minute after holding pressure and rapid cooling

(4) Calculating K/S value and AVR of standard color value Y in color measurement

MIDA PIGMENT is delicate to offer the rising quality requirements in various oil based and adequate application

MIDA PIGMENT colors perform fine dispersion stability, defined particle size, brilliancy and wide range of color shades.

MIDA pigment colors are high reproducibility, reliability can be obtained optimum coloring results by careful selectionof pigment colors.

MIDA PIGMENT offered in the production lines are not intentionally added raw materials any of the prohibited substances abovethe limit of textile standard. It should comply with the standard listed in It should comply with the standard listed in AP89-1,EN71-3,PCBS,ROHS6, AZO FREE,AND REACH ETC.

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