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  • Solvent Based Ink(NC)
Solvent Based Ink(NC)

Pigments for solvent based ink,we know solvent based inks include pigment and resin (binder), together constituting the solid component of the ink, diluted using a solvent. Solvent based inks are used for printing in two distinct technologies - Gravure Print and Flexo Print. it contains by different resin(like NC/PA and CLPP/PU ink).

Most of our pigments are used with NC resin,It is suitable for equiring high heat resistance (surface printing) and relatively low lamination strength. Differnt pigments have the different performance.

we focus on the Good glossy, bright colorant and lower viscosity. All our pigments are the pure grade.

MIDA PIGMENT is delicate to offer the rising quality requirements in solvent based application.

MIDA PIGMENT colors perform fine dispersion stability, defined particle size, brilliancy and wide range of color shades.

MIDA pigment colors are high reproducibility, reliability can be obtained optimum coloring results by careful selectionof pigment colors.

MIDA PIGMENT offered in the production lines are not intentionally added raw materials any of the prohibited substances abovethe limit of textile standard. It should comply with the standard listed in AP89-1,EN71-3,PCBS,ROHS6, AZO FREE,AND REACH ETC.


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