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Offset Ink

Pigments for offset ink,this ink is made of three main ingredients: Pigment, which is the coloring material in the ink; Vehicle, which is the liquid that holds the particles of pigment; and Modifiers, which control the drying of the ink as well as other factors such as smell, scuff resistance, and fading. All the pigments in the offset ink are with the good dispersion. Like Pigment Yellow 174, Pigment Yellow 12, Pigment Red 53:1/57:1, Pigment Red 52:2 and so on, we have some grades for customer choosing.And we focus the performance as follows:

VISCOSITY: is the resistance to flow. If ink flows or pours readily, it has a low viscosity. If it refuses to pour at all, it has a high viscosity.

TRANSPARENCY: refers to the opposite of opaque. A transparent ink does not hide the color beneath it, but mixes with it to create a third color. All inks used to print full color work must be transparent.

PERMANENT: Permanent inks maintain their color and do not fade even though exposed to sunlight for long periods. They are especially suited to signs and posters. Permanent inks are also called “fast” inks.

FUGITIVE: A fugitive ink is one that tends to lose its color and fade when exposed to long periods of sunlight.

RESISTANT: Resistant inks are made to withstand the action of gases, chemicals, moisture, or scuffing.

LAKES: Lakes are body colors—not particularly strong or bright.

TONERS: Toners are strong colors—highly concentrated.

MIDA PIGMENT is delicate to offer the rising quality requirements in printing ink application

MIDA PIGMENT colors perform fine dispersion stability, defined particle size, brilliancy and wide range of color shades.

MIDA pigment colors are high reproducibility, reliability can be obtained optimum coloring results by careful selectionof pigment colors.

MIDA PIGMENT offered in the production lines are not intentionally added raw materials any of the prohibited substances abovethe limit of textile standard. It should comply with the standard listed in AP89-1,EN71-3,PCBS,ROHS6, AZO FREE,AND REACH ETC.

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